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Reclaiming Your "Love Dork"


Reclaiming Your "Love Dork"

Marina Smerling

It's in there.  I know it is.

The fool in you.

The dancer-in-the-dark in you.

The wild lover in you emerging in the board room with wisps of hay in her hair.

The one that doesn't have all the answers... but who loves anyway.

Who doesn't know where she's going... but shines anyway.

Who is clueless about loving and having the relationship of her dreams ... but who sings through the hills and valleys of this life anyway, no map in hand.

I see that one.

She was born in you, but needs some dusting off.  She breathes in you, but needs reclaiming.

For the truth is:

** We all want to love deeply. **

We long to give our full hearts.
We long to serve completely.
We long to be deeply known.

** But there's a cost to exposing our full heart **

Our warts and all come along for the ride.

Indeed, we must risk exposing the parts of us we are most ashamed of, the places where we most fear ridicule and being cast out of the tribe.

We cannot simultaneously hide and fully love.

We cannot devote ourselves to serving this world completely and keep our less-than-savory parts in the closet.

Love, in its deepest form, means the fullest unveiling, the standing naked before another and/or the world... willing to be seen, clueless parts and all.  It means reclaiming these parts - openly, and holding them gently in our palms.

It means reclaiming every part of us we ever called "dorky."

Our dork-in-hiding must be freed.

Welcome, dorky ones far and wide.

The one in you who doesn't have the answers.

The one in you who loves without waiting for rhyme or reason.

The one in you who dares to hurt and not hide it.  Whose scrapes and scratches from the road of this life are visible, worn wide open, proof of your inescapable humanity.

The one in you who dares to reach, even when you're unsure whether your reach will be returned.


** The dork in me bows to the dork in you. **

For you are the fertile ground upon which love is born.

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