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Gainesville, FL

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Life and communication coaching for women.


My focus is on healing all the ways that shame keeps us from living and lovingfully.

Please note that even though Marina is a mental health provider in the state of Florida, her coaching practice is distinct from therapy, and is not a substitute for assistance from a trained mental health professional or doctor.


Seeking a warm, safe space to be heard for what’s happening in your life, relationships, career, and more?  


Do you long to cultivate both courageous honesty and genuine kindness in all your relationships -- without ditching either your heart or your truth at the door?


Do you seek a refuge, a safe haven, a place to come "home" to in yourself --  to know the unwavering ground of your own being as a guide and source of support, even through life's more challenging moments?

You weren't meant to navigate this journey alone.

If you long for an ally, you've come to the right place.


Who I Work With

I primarily work with women.

Young women. Older women. Women of all walks of life, including queer women and women of color. I serve conscious women who are already on the personal growth path, and who want to deepen their self-compassion and self-awareness.


Sessions are 50 minutes in length.

We can meet in in-person in Gainesville, FL, or via phone or Zoom. Simply get in touch for more information.




Marina carries within her a deep wisdom about the human condition, and what it means to bring compassion to it. Although she usually doesn’t say much about the subject ‘in words’ (aka humility :)), her presence, authenticity, care and the work she offers are deeply healing and nourishing.
— Kay, Teacher
In every session, I felt like I met myself anew. With Marina’s gentle invitation to be authentically and genuinely me, I opened more and more to acceptance, self-love, and connection, stepping one foot at a time into the woman that I am but had never quite acknowledged.
— Erin L.
I saw Marina for private sessions over the course of about one year. During that time, she helped me to find my voice, encouraging and supporting me in how to express myself more fully and without fear of how others may respond. I grew enormously from my sessions with Marina and am eternally grateful. She is an angel. A miracle worker.
— J.A.


My Approach: 3 Steps

1. We offer a radical “welcome” to what’s here.

Rather than deny your insecurities, your hurts, your fears, your anger, and anything shame surrounding them, we welcome all the parts of you that have so often been told they are not welcomed, and so often swept under the rug in order to ensure your survival and security. We give these parts a place at the table, and say to them, “Hi there. We see you. You matter.”

2. We ask of your whole self, “What is it that you need to thrive?”  

We let all of you have a voice. We assume that even your scared, frightened, and insecure-as-heck parts have a wisdom, have an integrity, and know something about what your whole being needs that matters.  And so we ask, “What is it that you need to thrive?  What is it that would make life more wonderful for you?  What is it that would allow you to come out of hiding, to find your wings, and take flight?”  We listen, and we take notes. We hold these answers as precious gems, and touchstones for your life to be honored.

3. We GIVE YOU powerful communication tools.

Drawing upon tools from Nonviolent Communication (NVC), we look at how you are currently showing up in your relationships – with intimate partners, with family members, with co-workers, everyone – and together try out new, more empowering ways of communicating your needs and requests, in ways that allows the other to hear you, to take you seriously, and to feel connected with what matters most to you.

In turn, we practice ways of hearing the other person, and what may be going on for them beneath the surface, even when they themselves don’t have the words for it.  In the end, you discover more options for moving forward, a greater sense of personal choice, and more opportunities for the kind of authentic connection and meaning you desire in your relationships.  



My Specialty

Creating safe, inviting space for remembering your wholeness and innate goodness.  I support women in transforming shame into radical self-love, women who have been conditioned to believe there is something wrong with them, who want to be their own ally, and who ultimately want to flourish in this world.  I support women bringing awareness to the ways in which internalized shame presents barriers to them acting on their full capacity and potential, and encouraging new, life-serving beliefs and practices of self-forgiveness and acceptance.  As a result, the women I work with become more present, clear, rooted in a strong sense of self, and able to love themselves and others more openly and freely.

Supporting women through everyday challenges and life transitions.  I am a kind, loving, and accepting ally for women going through both everyday life challenges and momentous life changes, including relationship difficulties, break-ups, family breakdowns (and breakthroughs), career changes and relocation, as well as the spiritual struggles that encompass all of it.

Empowering women to become confident communicators. Using tools from Nonviolent Communication (NVC), I support women in honing their communication skills and transforming their habitual ways of relating, so that they can express themselves both honestly and with heart when the goin’ gets tough, whether with intimate partners, friends, family, roommates, and co-workers alike.  



How long is each session? 50 minutes. 

How often do we meet? Most clients meet with me weekly.  I recommend meeting on a regular, consistent basis to give out-of-session momentum to our in-session changes.  Especially in the first few months of coaching together, a lot of transformation can happen that require consistent follow-up.  Coming to coaching is like planting a new garden - the garden of your soul.  Regular watering, nourishing, and weeding are what allow it to flourish and grow strong! After establishing a strong foundation, some clients will see me for "maintenance" on a less frequent basis.  That said, clients are always free to come and go, and I welcome all newcomers to begin by trying a single session to see if working together feels like a good fit.

What are your fees? $125 for those wishing to meet weekly, and $150 for those wishing to meet every-other-week

Where will we meet? 

  • At my home office in Gainesville, Florida

  • If you’re not local, we can meet via Zoom (a free, user-friendly service similar to Skype)

Interested in a consultation? I offer free 15-20 minute consultations by phone or Zoom for me to get to learn more about you, and for us to get to see if coaching together feels like a good fit

Questions? Please email me at marina [at] shamelessheart [dot] com, and I'll get back to you within 1 business day.



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