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Gainesville, FL

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Life and communication coaching for women.


My focus is on healing all the ways that shame keeps us from living and lovingfully.

Please note that Marina is not a licensed mental health provider, and her coaching is not a substitute for assistance from a trained mental health professional or doctor.

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My relationship coaching is for conscious couples who want to move beyond the game of who’s right and who’s wrong.




Who I Work With

I work with all couples!

Queer couples, poly couples, "traditional" and non-traditional couples alike are welcome!


Sessions are either 50 minutes at $150, or 75 minutes at $180.

We can meet in in-person in Gainesville, FL, or via Skype.


Thank you again for a really transformational session. … We had some breakthroughs because of your skilled leading us through the slow, careful NVC process. I’m inspired to get back into NVC study, and he and I have agreed that when things get heated in the future, we immediately get out of blame and go into discussion of NEEDS instead.
— K.


How I Can Help

In my relationship coaching, based upon the principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), we move beyond the game of who’s right and who’s wrong, who’s shameful and who’s to blame, and into the messy, tender, and vulnerable truth – where we can reclaim our heart, our needs, and ultimately, our love for ourselves and one another.

In addition to general “how the heck do we peaceably communicate” questions, couples have come to me with issues related to:

  • dissolving patterns of judgment and defensiveness

  • restoring trust after broken commitments

  • navigating the question of whether or not to have children

  • determining how to share financial resources

  • and more...

What You'll Get

Together we'll work on the following:

  • Noticing your habitual patterns and behaviors that keep you stuck

  • Getting on one another’s side – learning to perceive one another as allies who want your well-being rather than as enemies to be guarded against

  • Gaining practical communication tools to help you express yourselves and hear one another more clearly and with less resistance, using practices from Nonviolent Communication

  • What to do when conflict arises and you’re too heated to work it out

  • Finding clarity as to when to go deeper, and when to transition out of the relationship



My Approach

What I do is threefold: Mediate, coach, and offer a loving presence through challenging conversations.

Using tools from the practice of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), I help you to express yourself in a way that your partner is more likely to hear, and to hear your partner’s longing beneath messages of shame, blame, and resentment.  This is an awesome process for getting clear on what’s really going on beneath the surface, empowering you to ask for what you want and need in relationship, and – ultimately – returning to the love within yourself and with one another.

This work is powerful, a process of un-doing old patterns of blame, resentment, defensiveness, and isolation, and welcoming in a new way based on mutual support, trust, connection, and the empowerment to speak our truth fully in relationship.  So often when we experience acknowledgment and real understanding for our experience, the magic of connection and a desire to give from the heart naturally reveal themselves.



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