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Life and communication coaching for women.

Feed Your Soul: An 8-Week NVC Support Group for Women (Online)


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Feed Your Soul: An 8-Week NVC Support Group for Women (Online)

We need each other more than ever before.

In these times, when it appears that so much of what we love in the world is at risk, when it seems that the world has in so many ways turned upside down (or else its upside-down-ness has finally emerged from the dark underground into the light of day), when the Political touches the deeply Personal, impacts and moves our psyches in ways seen and unseen, and in our everyday lives, struggle, chaos, uncertainty, and overwhelm erupt and rear their heads, more than ever...


It's time to come together.  It's time to feed our souls.  

It's time to strengthen the ground we walk on - our capacity to listen deep.  To our own hearts grumbling under the surface.  To the raging fire in our bellies.  To the centuries-old longing in our bones.  

To listen to each other.  Our sisters walking this life alongside us.  To the songs singing through our bodies in so many tones - as grief, as anger, as frustration and hopelessness alike.  To listen to life's many melodies whispering through us: "I am here.  I am here.  Listen."


For it's here that we find our sacred recipe for moving forward in these troubled times. It's here that we find our medicine, our wisdom, our collective blueprint for walking, with company, one foot in front of the other, our feet under our hearts, our hearts under our throats, even as the path winds steadily forward into the unknown.  

It's time.

Feed Your Soul will be an 8-week group for women to practice listening deeply - to ourselves - to one another - to the collective pulse of our circle - using mindfulness, a surrender in the face of the sacred unknown, as well as practical tools and skills from Nonviolent Communication (NVC).


* Ground ourselves in presence with a short guided meditation

* Check in from our hearts, leaving as much as possible our performing and entertaining selves at the door

* Practice self-listening, and invoking mercy and empathy for what we find lurking beneath the surface of our everyday lives

* Practice listening to and offering deep empathy to others - from our bodies, from a rested, dropped-in, knowing-we're-together place, leaving behind as much as possible our desire to "get it right" and to perform "perfection" for one another

* Practice speaking from our hearts, finding the ground and a sense of safety in the present moment


* Capacity for everyday self-kindness and mercy in the throes of self-jackaling, blame, and judgment

* Ability to stay self-connected in personal relationships generally, and difficult conversations specifically

* Capacity to listen to others in a way that has them feel gotten and known, and in turn available to actually hear you

* Bone-deep confidence in expressing what's true for you

* Skill in navigating messy, potentially very divisive political conversations - whether around our next President-elect, or sexism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and the many "ism"s that impact you directly as well as those you care about

Throughout our gathering, I will guide us in using NVC to empathize internally and with another, and to express what's true for us.  We will learn and deepen our NVC practice as a tool for responding to everyday challenges, to resource and ground us in deep listening, empathy, and self-kindness as a way of life.  

Each circle will be 90 minutes.  Women are encouraged to ask for group support, but with no pressure to do so.  You may participate quietly.  You may engage quite a bit.  This is an opportunity to listen to how YOU want to show up in sacred community.


I live in Florida now, and unfortunately can't commute to Oakland.  :)  I can, however, make it to a computer screen near you!  We will meet using Zoom, a very user-friendly program similar to Skype.  No need to download anything in advance.  Zoom pops open very easily on your computer with just a couple of clicks.  You'll have easy-to-follow instructions in advance.


February 1st - March 22nd

Wednesday evenings, 5:30-7:30pm Pacific, 8:30-10pm Eastern


$197 for the entire 8 weeks, paid in advance to reserve your spot.


Write to or call 1-855-EMPATHY