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Life and communication coaching for women.

Compassionate Truth-Telling Workshop: Where "Radical Honesty" Meets "Radical Heart"


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Compassionate Truth-Telling Workshop: Where "Radical Honesty" Meets "Radical Heart"

  • 1793 Northwood Ct Oakland, CA, 94611 United States (map)

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We need to tell the truth -- for our own sanity, our own aliveness, our sense of being here on this planet fully. 

So often, we hold back, out of fear of hurting another, or fear of being rejected and cast out of the tribe. 

How do we tell our truth with heart? How do we speak from a deep knowing that our truth is a gift, rather than a weapon, that sets us all free?

In this three-hour workshop, we’ll explore ways of standing strongly “in our truth” with open hearts, feet planted firmly on the ground while staying open, curious, and receptive to the other.

We’ll learn and experience four different choices we have as to how to “tell the truth,” choices which can either bring us closer, or push us further apart. 

Whom it's for

Friends, lovers, spouses, and anyone who wants to strengthen their capacity for compassionate truth-telling in all their relationships. Inspired by the teachings of Marshall Rosenberg and Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

What to bring:

* your scary conversations, 

* your words-in-hiding, 

* the things you wish you could say, but don't know how, and 

* your body, your heart, and a willingness to show up vulnerably

Where's and When's

Earth Honey Haven

1793 Northwood Court 

Oakland, CA

Sunday, October 19th


Requested contribution is $10-$20. No one turned away.

About the Facilitator

Marina Smerling is a shame counselor and communication teacher who is utterly committed to our evolution through the composting of shame into radical self-love. She shepherds families, couples, and individuals in not just surviving, but thriving through our communication and relationship challenges. A former attorney, Marina is also co-founder of WiseHeart Lawyering, where she coaches attorneys in the art of effective and empathic client communication. Her work draws upon nearly a decade of training in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), counseling, and a wild love of honest self-expression. 


“Marina is the genuine article: authentic, vulnerable, compassionate and wise.  She holds a solid space for others to move boldly forward and open their hearts to themselves. I adore her dedication to the simple idea that we are each precious beyond measure.  Her work has opened my heart and allowed several miracles to happen in my life.” - Colleen Thomas, Writer, Voice & Multi-Media Artist

"My life has been blessed with Marina's presence and love. Before I ever even met her I knew I could trust this woman with my deepest sorrow and highest joy. I had the privilege to be part of a 8-week women's NVC processing group where I experienced Marina's love, acceptance, humor, joy, compassion, sensitivity, and insight. I believe that Marina's heart could hold an ocean - even with the most tremendous of storms." - Teri G.

"Marina is amazing, totally amazing. She really is a gift to the planet. She is very authentically caring and you can tell her anything and she won't judge you. Wow what a gift she gives. I am in one of her groups and I get so much out of it. She's a great group leader. I also see her for coaching. So worth it. When I win the lottery and become rich, first I'll buy a house, then I'll buy a house for my dog, and the rest will go to Marina. Why? Because she deserves it." - Heather J.

"Marina is a gem. I've participated in two of her 8-week NVC women's groups and have also received counseling individually through her private practice. Her warmth, openness, and enthusiasm for real and joyful inner work has strengthened me in delving deep into some very challenging areas of my life -- areas that, without her excellent skill as a counselor and group facilitator, I don't think I could have embraced so fully. For anyone who's wanting to bring more compassion, joy, and effective communication to their lives and relationships -- this is your gal!!" - Ellie H.

Driving Directions

The Earth Honey Haven is located on the tippy top of the ridge-line in the Oakland Hills, surrounded by pine and redwoods, frequented by hummingbirds, squirrels, and fairies.

1793 Northwood Ct., Oakland, CA, 94611

Use Google Maps and/or a navigation device for directions, or follow these:

- Get to Snake Road and Mountain Blvd. just off Highway 13. 

- Go up Snake Road. Follow the center line of the road - which means you don't go straight about 1/2 a mile in, where the road forks, but go left instead. 

- You'll pass through a 4-way Stop. Go straight. 

- At the top of Snake Road, where it hits Skyline Blvd., there's a five-way intersection! Go to the Yield sign, then don't go left or right. Go straight and UP. 

- Follow the road 1/3 mile and you'll see Northwood Ct. That's us! 

- You’ll first see Northwood Ct. on the right. Drive past it and then park as soon as you can. You won’t end up more than 5 minutes away and will enjoy the clean forest air as you walk down.

It's the third house on the right, a loooong driveway with an electrical cord crossing it. 

Parking - very important!

To ensure we can return to this unique venue, and so that neighbors can come and go during the event, we ask that all guests please...

**Park on Skyline Blvd, then walk up to Northwood Ct.


** Drive PAST Northwood Ct., and park on 

a) Manzanita Drive,

b) Villanova Lane, OR

c) other small streets just above Northwood Court, which have much easier access.

Thank you so much for your support for making the Earth Honey Haven a sustainable community hub!


Contact, call 1-855-EMPATHY

I look forward to playing and diving deep into our heart's radical truth together.


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