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Free Teleclass: The Art of Falling (and Staying) in Love - An NVC Approach


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Free Teleclass: The Art of Falling (and Staying) in Love - An NVC Approach

This event has already happened.  To listen to a recording of the teleclass, click here!

In love. 

So many associations we have with that phrase.  Love is something we either have or we don’t, we’re either in it, or we’re not.  Like the good/bad, right/wrong, dualistic paradigm that divides our minds and our world in so many ways, “in love” has, for so many of us, been on the other side of a vast river of aloneness that seemingly flows between us and the outside world.

Yet what if we knew that love lives right here, starting within?  Alongside our life-withered skin, outside our single or partnered bodies, and flowing deeply through our bones and beating hearts alike?  What if being in love were a way of life, one that was utterly independent of our relationship status?

Join us, Monday, March 21st, for a free teleclass to explore the ways in which we keep love at bay -- and how we can invite its presence more fully into our lives -- whether we are in romantic relationship or not.  We’ll discover how Nonviolent Communication (NVC) can support us in living (and staying) in love, just as we are, 365 days a year.



... learn to recognize the patterns of thinking that continuously take you out of love

… learn the fundamentals of a daily practice for shifting out of fear and into love

... leave with an empowered relationship to often-vulnerable needs for connection, belonging, and intimacy

... discover how a deepened capacity for self-love strengthens your capacity to return to connection through inevitable relationship challenges

Come, bring your whole self, gems and warts and all, and join us for this Nonviolent Communication-based approach to being (and staying) in love.

Monday, March 21st, 5-6pm Pacific Time


I look forward to being with you on the call!