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Life and communication coaching for women.

Shamelessly Alive: A Six-Week Nonviolent Communication Course for Women


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Shamelessly Alive: A Six-Week Nonviolent Communication Course for Women

  • Telecourse Series Happens wherever you are! (map)
I can’t say enough how this program has changed my life and those around me.
— Michelle, Social Worker
It’s because of this program that I’m alive and have hope. Through working with Marina in a group setting, I am learning to love myself, know myself, be more authentic, own my emotions, and find ways to fill my needs.
— Cyndi

WHEN:    Mondays 5pm-6:15pm (Pacific)  /  June 8th - July 13th
WHERE:  Participants will call in via phone, or Skype.
COST:     $97

You will hopefully love and be swept away by this course.  That said, please review the refund policy in advance!

Why Shamelessly Alive?

Many of us are limited in life by a sense of shame, isolation, and a belief that “our needs don’t matter” in relationship. 

Without a felt sense of mattering, our relationships suffer.  We face the false choice between speaking up and losing connection with others, or playing it safe and betraying ourselves, thus degrading the quality of our relationships with lovers, spouses, family members, and friends.

It doesn't have to be that way.  YOU get to reclaim, speak, live, and love from that shamelessly alive essence that is calling you home.

ALL women are welcomed here – queer, trans, and cis-gendered alike.

QUESTIONS? You can reach Marina at (855) EMPATHY or via email.


Shamelessly Alive is for you if you want to:

  • Heal and transform your shame and shine your light unabashedly
  • Speak your truth with both honesty and heart when the rubber meets the road 
  • Be part of an incredible community of women to support you, cheer you on, and lend a hand through life's ecstatic peaks and gnarly abysses alike

Medicine for Body, Heart, and Soul

What I most valued was the sense of safety and acceptance, the ability to show up exactly where I am and be accepted and not judged.
— Cynthia

Shamelessly Alive Women’s Program is about healing the places where we have shamed ourselves into the closet, re-wiring ourselves for deeper self-love and self-acceptance, and becoming empowered communicators, with the power of both vulnerability and courageous clarity under our wings. 

It's about reclaiming our relationships with other women, finding allies to support us in deepening an unabashed sense of self-love, to cheer us on as we step into greater authenticity and intimacy in all our relationships, and to celebrate our coming to live more choiceful, vibrant, and empowered lives.

The Benefits

As a result of this program, I have learned to catch self-judgment more easily and get out of its trap.
— Kadambini

Finding the place from which our natural wisdom arises

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a tool for accessing our deeper truths and longings, but it Is not itself that deep reservoir of inner knowing and wisdom that resides in each of us, just waiting for us to listen.

A part of what this course is about is slowing down enough to listen, tuning in enough to hear our deepest voice and highest wisdom beckoning at our heart’s door.

Healing and re-wiring

Shamelessly Alive is about healing the places where we have shamed ourselves into the closet, and re-wiring ourselves for an innate knowing of our lovability and beauty. 

So many of us were taught that our needs are something to be shameful about, something to be hidden and covered over with either the overconfidence of “I didn’t need you anyways,” or the underconfidence of “How can I please you, as you’re the one who matters?”  

Shamelessly Alive is about moving beyond this old dichotomy, radically reclaiming not only the existence of but the fundamental beauty of our needs, letting them motivate and inspire our daily words and actions, and letting ourselves learn to ask -- more and more often – for that which nourishes our bodies, minds, and spirits.   

Becoming empowered communicators, capable of speaking with both honesty and compassion

Shamelessly Alive gave me more confidence in my ability to know my needs and make requests, as well as the capacity for clearer, more effective communication in my relationships.
— Kaitlin, MFT Intern

Shamelessly Alive invites us to become empowered, kick-ass communicators.

Using tools and practices from Nonviolent Communication (NVC), we will practice and become proficient at “compassionate truth-telling,” the art of expressing ourselves with full honesty, and yet with full heart, even in the relationships that form our Achilles heels.

We will cultivate our capacity for empathy – with ourselves first and foremost — and with others in our life with whom we find it difficult (or even impossible) to connect — lovers, partners, family, friends, co-workers, the whole gamut of human relationships…

The result will be stepping into greater authenticity and intimacy in all our relationships, accessing greater choice in responding to life’s many tricky moments, moving from a deep knowing of our inner “yes” and our inner “no,” and with the words to convey them with both clarity and grace.  

This course will likewise bolster our capacity to listen beneath the surface to what others are truly saying, and to forge connection and togetherness where our habitual walls tend to rise.

I really appreciated having the 12 weeks to ‘fully bake’ with this group, allowing us to go deep with each other and develop trust in the process.
— Anna, Health Educator

Course Structure

There are 3 main components to this course:

1. 6-Week Telecircle Series

The program will take place via live "telecircle" (using Maestro Conference) every Monday evening for 6 weeks.  We will alternate between three NVC teaching modules and three group coaching calls in which Marina will offer participants relationship and conflict coaching support drawing upon the tools learned in class.  

During the teaching modules, Marina will present new material, take questions in the group, and then participants will have the chance to try on skills and practices in pairs.  During the coaching calls, Marina will coach individual women who "raise their hands" to receive support within the group setting.

Each telecircle is live only requires a phone.  (Though you can also dial in using a Skype account, if you wish.)

Teaching components will be supported with homework (playwork!), journaling, and handouts to succinctly guide you through each practice. 

2. Peer Empathy

Participants will be paired with an empathy buddy, with whom they will offer and receive empathy on a weekly or biweekly basis.  The purpose will be both to practice and ingrain the tools of the course, and also to receive support through life’s everyday challenges and celebrations alike. 

3. An Online Community

Shamelessly Alive participants will have access to an exclusive Facebook page to ask for and receive support, as well as check in about homework prompts and the application of course tools to their daily lives.


June 8 - The Foundation of Shamelessness: The Art of Radical Self-Love

June 15 - Coaching Call

June 22 - Lying in Rumi's Field: Transforming Conflict into Connection

June 29 - Coaching Call

July 6 - Shameless Speech: The Art of Communicating with Both Honesty & Heart

July 13 - Coaching Call & Closure

Yes, recordings of each call will be made available!


As a result of this program, I am welcoming back more aspects of myself, and seeing the beauty and love that permeate life, even in its challenging moments.
— Tania, Nanny

Contact Marina with your questions!