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Life and communication coaching for women.

Becoming Our Own Valentines -- A Free Valentines' Day Teleclass


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Becoming Our Own Valentines -- A Free Valentines' Day Teleclass

[Art by the fabulous Rita Loyd]

Imagine looking in the mirror and asking, “Will you be mine?”  Today and everyday.  

What would it look like to be our own valentines, to claim ourselves wholly and shamelessly, even when we’ve “messed up,” even when we’re despairing, even when we’re frustrated, feeling hurt, alone, and deeply humbled by this wild and woolly path called being human?  This free teleclass is for all would be self-lovers, single, married, partnered, or not, including those who are “in an open relationship” with the universe.  Learn how NVC can support you in saying “yes” to yourself, “yes” to your life, and support all of your relationships in the process.

No more waiting.  For relationship, for "the one," or, if we're in relationship, for all conflict to cease and for the day that we have sailed off to hunky-dory land.

We get to claim ourselves now.  We get to choose love now.  Warts and foibles and all.  Dilemmas and doubts a-stirrin'.  Before perfection is reached.  Before we've obtained that ever-elusive gold star of approval.

Committing to self-love, and doing it now.  Join me for this Nonviolent Communication (NVC) inspired guide to choosing love beyond reason, committing to ourselves even when we think we're undeserving, and becoming the truest, most beautiful, and most reliable valentine of all -- our own -- 365 days a year.


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Marina Smerling is a collaborative trainer with Bay Area Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and counselor who is deeply committed to our evolution through the composting of shame into radical self-love. Drawing upon a decade of training in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), counseling, and a wild love of self-expression, Marina specializes in supporting women and couples in not just surviving, but thriving through their communication and relationship challenges. Learn more at