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Life and communication coaching for women.

Free Teleclass: Four Steps to Shameless Loving, Beginning Within


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Free Teleclass: Four Steps to Shameless Loving, Beginning Within

Art by Rita Loyd


Shameless loving starts within. 

Shameless loving starts within.  It starts with us.  It starts with bringing back to the table all the parts of ourselves we’ve lost, buried, or shamed into the closet, and saying to them, “Welcome, come on out, I see you, and value the gift you hold.”  When we embrace ourselves wholeheartedly, loving others becomes effortless, our vibrant elixir of life naturally overflowing, wanting to be given.

How many of us think we’re alone?

How many of us think we’re the only ones who have this fault, or that defect?

How many of us try our darnedest to show our “pretty” and “acceptable” side to the world, hiding that which we’re most ashamed of?

Most of us have been conditioned in one way or another to believe that there’s something wrong with us, that in some fundamental way we’re defective, or not enough. 

Yet... a funny thing happens when we share our shame in a supportive community:

1) We heal, welcoming in new, life-serving stories about ourselves.

2) We discover, more often than not, that we’re not alone. 

3) We find more intimacy and connection with others, not less.

In this one-hour, free teleclass...'ll learn four steps to heal and transform shame in your life, whether related to relationships, finances, body image, career, or whatever creative flavor it takes for you.

You will leave with an empowering awareness of the love and passion that belies your shame, and a greater capacity to respond to your most shame-inducing relationship challenges.

Come, bring your whole self, shamed and shaming parts alike, and join us for this Nonviolent Communication-based approach to Shameless Loving, Beginning Within.

Tuesday, January 6th, 5-6pm Pacific Time


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