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Life and communication coaching for women.

Compassionate Truth-Telling: Communication at the Intersection of Love and Power


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Compassionate Truth-Telling: Communication at the Intersection of Love and Power

  • Chochmat Halev 2215 Prince St Berkeley, CA, 94705 United States (map)

We need to tell the truth -- for our own sanity, our own aliveness, our sense of being here on this planet fully.

So often, we hold back, out of fear of hurting another, or fear of being rejected and cast out of the tribe.

How do we tell our truth with heart? How do we speak from a deep knowing that our truth is a gift, as well as a felt sense that our care for another is actually care for ourselves?


Many of us "speak our minds" in ways that lead to hurt and disconnect, while others of us keep a tight lid on it, because we don't want to rock the boat, make waves, and get thrown out of the tribe. 

How do we speak in service of love, while staying grounded in our power?

So often, we choose one or the other. 

-- Saying “yes” when we mean “no,” in order to preserve harmony 

-- Lashing out, when we're actually quaking inside, in order to protect our sense of dignity and self-respect

-- Shutting down and refusing to engage, in order to keep ourselves feeling "safe" and protected

What else is possible? What does communication sound like at the intersection of love and power?

In this two-hour workshop, we’ll explore ways of standing strongly “in our truth” with open hearts, feet planted firmly on the ground while remaining open and receptive to others.

We’ll learn and experience four different choices we have as to how to “tell the truth,” choices which can either bring us closer to ourselves and one another, or push us further apart.

This is a workshop for friends, lovers, spouses, and anyone who wants to strengthen their capacity for compassionate truth-telling in all their relationships. 


** Photo by Janice Blaine, "The Root Chakra"