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Life and communication coaching for women.

Shameless Heart Coaching

Life and communication coaching for women and couples.


Shameless Heart Coaching

LIFE coaching for women



Do you put your self-love on hold, waiting until (ever unattainable) perfection is reached before you give yourself permission to rest, to exhale?

Shameless Heart Coaching is about choosing love without waiting.  For the romance, husband, wife, or the white picket fence and house with 2.5 dogs. For the perfect job, the perfect career, the pie-in-the-sky, floating-on-clouds employment opportunity. For the end of the obscenely long to-do list.  For your own inner perfection. For all those triggers to vanish, all the childhood wounds to heal, all the core beliefs in your not-enoughness to finally disappear.  

It's about choosing love now. Without waiting.  Human, flawed, imperfect. Granting yourself permission to breathe and relax your brain and be hugged and be treated with kindness, just as you are.

heal. reveal. awaken.

Are you stumped by the tenacity of those patterns and beliefs that you know are rooted in the past, but that just. wont. kick. the. bucket?  

Shameless Heart Coaching is about welcoming the dark places, the shadows, the wounded-places-in-hiding in each of us, and finding the glimmering jewels therein.  We find compassion for the gremlin in the closet, kindness for the well-intentioned monster under the bed, and give you back the space, choice, and freedom to create your life and let that big light of yours shine. Something awakens -- the aliveness, wildness, and fundamentally "here"-ness that are and always were your birthright.

FIND YOUR VOICE. empower your relationships.

Do you struggle with finding the right words when the relationship s*it hits the fan, teeter-tottering between blame and judgment, and "niceness" and withdrawal?

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In Shameless Heart Coaching, we use tools from Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to cultivate and hone a whole new skill set -- honesty that's connected not just to your head, but the deeper needs and values in your heart, and kindness that's not just about being "nice," but that's about being real.  

You become empowered to know how (and when) to take care of yourself in relationship challenges, how to bring up difficult conversations, how to navigate through them that leaves both of you feeling gotten, and how to foster win-win solutions. 

Shameless Heart Coaching is about mustering the guts -- and the skills -- to speak your truth in ways that connect, bridge divides, and lead to you having healthier, more alive and real relationships.  


I'm Marina.  

I am a life coach and teacher utterly committed to our evolution through the composting of shame into radical self-love.

With a decade of training in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), I help individuals and couples in not just surviving, but thriving through their communication and relationship challenges.

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Work With Me


In addition to coaching for women and couples, I lead  practice groups on Nonviolent Communication as well as several workshops.


Marina is the genuine article: authentic, vulnerable, compassionate and wise. She holds a solid space for others to move boldly forward and open their hearts to themselves... Her work has opened my heart and allowed several miracles to happen in my life.
— Colleen Thomas
In every session, I felt like I met myself anew. With Marina’s gentle invitation to be authentically and genuinely me, I opened more and more to acceptance, self-love, and connection, stepping one foot at a time into the woman that I am but had never quite acknowledged.
— Erin L.