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Gainesville, FL

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Life and communication coaching for women.

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<3   Seeking support for navigating life's many waves and curve-balls with authenticity, heart, and a commitment to your own radical self-care?
<3   Wish to cultivate both open-hearted honesty and authentic kindness in your relationships, without ditching either your heart or your truth at the door?
<3   Do you seek to grow a refuge, a place to come "home" to in yourself,  to know the unwavering ground of your own being as a guide and source of support through life's darker moments?

You weren't meant to navigate the journey alone.  

(None of us were.)

Reach out for a free 30-minute Radical Self-Love Session


During our time together, we will:

  • Get clear on that voice that's calling to you -- the one that knows your dreams, your passion, your potential, and your path of service to this planet
  • Bring awareness to what's in the way of your radical self-care -- the everyday stumbling blocks of old habits, beliefs, patterns of thinking that, truly, no longer serve
  • Identify your unique medicine -- what will bring you closer to your own soul's calling, the fully expressed (and nourished!) life you were meant to live, and the open-hearted yet real relationships you long to cultivate
  • Leave with clarity about what's next -- what will best support you in stepping out of the rut of conditioning, and opening the door of possibilities to the rest of your life

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Note: if you don't find times on my online booking site that work for you, please contact me directly to inquire about setting up a session at a mutually agreeable time.

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                                                                    Artwork by Rita Loyd of